Will you draw my pug?

I'm delighted to be asked, but unfortunately I can't take on any personal commissions. I'm still trying to catch up on my ideas list from 2015!

Can I use your art?

Our art is free for personal, non-commercial uses, like making cards for your family, printing on fabric to make yourself a quilt, uploading profile pics on Facebook, etc. We don't license our work for commercial use. This means

don't sell our art, use our art to sell stuff, or sell stuff with our art on it (unless you're using a supply you purchased legit, like our Spoonflower fabric)! 

If you have any questions about our use policy, contact me and I will be happy to help!

What about for a tattoo?

Go for it! Post pictures. #inkpug

Did you ever make a book?

Yes: two! Check 'em out here! We're MEGA EXCITED about "The Best Worst Poet Ever", coming in 2020! We've also published a collection of our weekly Pug Poetry called "How I Eat Dis?"  

Will you donate to my rescue?


Do you do wholesale?

Yes! We have a fabulous cardmaker in Canada that prints & wholesales a curated selection of our favorite cards! Contact them directly at GoodGhostCollective@gmail.com

How many pets do you have?

None. NONE. We put out a trail of hotdogs every night; nothing.

© Inkpug; all rights reserved

Personal & non-commercial use of our art is A-O-K!

Share with credit! Links are love!

Don't sell our art or use our art to sell stuff!