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There once was a Pug and a Cat...

who engaged in a poetic spat!

Cat and Pug are each determined to become the World’s Best Poet, no matter what it takes. Whether they’re writing sonnets to sundaes or typing ballads with their butts, they will stop at nothing to outwit, out-write, and out-verse each other.

The Best Worst Poet Ever:
now available in bookstores and libraries!

"A truly rollicking read-aloud. . . plenty of humor and energy to keep audiences large and small enthralled. Delightful."

"A wonderful story for two people to read aloud together... For listening, looking, or reading aloud, this is a battle of verse worth joining."

School Library Journal

"Expressively inky digital vignettes grow ever more rambunctious and gravity-defying... They’re poets, and boy, do they know it."

Printable Activity Sheets

These activity sheets are a perfect accompaniment for the book (or fun just on their own)! Click to open each 8.5x11" printable PDF! (Instructions & guide sheets provided below each activity!)

Fresh-Baked Haiku

Just 5 syllables,

then 7, then 5! Ta-daaa,

you made a haiku!

Fresh Baked Haiku thumbnail.png
Haiku instruction page thumbnail.png
Word Salad Poetry

Use a found collection of words  to inspire you!

Pick a partner

(or play both sides),

to create a quatrain

with silly rhymes!

Word salas thumbnail.png
Word Salad Instruction Page
Quatrain thumbnail.png
Quatrain Instruction Page thumbnail.png
Poet's Pen

Get your inspiration flowing by creating your own poet's pen!

Poets Pen thumbnail.png
Poets Pen Instruction Page thumbnail.png

Printable Art Prints!

Just for fun, some art prints featuring Pug & Cat at their finest (whatever that is). Prints are 8.5x11".

Cattimist thumbnail.png
What is this and can I eat it thumbnail.