Hi! I'm Lauren, and I draw the Inkpugs. Gareth comes up with his fair share of our best ideas while working on his own creative projects. 

We started on our pug adventure about 10 years ago, while I was aggressively convincing Gareth that we were destined to be together despite living on opposite coasts and only one of us having any taste at all in music. To argue my case, I sent a strangely-doodled pug (Paul), who was as convincing a character as I could envision: Chubby, surly, entitled. A regular Mr. Darcy.

Paul was extremely effective over the course of a few hundred illustrated letters, but even after Gareth was tricked into matrimony, Paul never left.


In 2013, in a dissociative haze brought on by a Chicago deep dish pizza, we started posting our favorite drawings online, and that has brought us where we are today: well beyond the daily recommended allowance for caffeine, with the dawning realization that Paul may never, ever leave us.

Local Oddball Draws Pugs!

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