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Hi! I'm Lauren! I've been posting pug drawings online since 2013. Originally from Connecticut, I move around the country with my husband Gareth, searching for new and interesting places to be a recluse. I love coffee, extremely dark chocolate, and seeing dogs anywhere.

When not drawing pugs, I make books! Check them out (of the library, or ask for them at your local bookshop, because reading gives you superpowers):

(And, yes, this looks EXACTLY like me & Gareth.)

Do you take commissions, like portraits, logos, or book illustrations?

Unfortunately I can't take on any personal commissions. I'm still trying to catch up on my ideas list from 2015!

Can I use your art?

YES, for personal, non-commercial purposes!

NO, for commercial or business purposes.

Our general rule is: don't sell our art, use our art to sell stuff, or sell stuff with our art on it (unless you're using a supply you purchased from a licensed retailer, like our Spoonflower fabric)! If you have any questions about our use policy, contact me and I will be happy to help clarify!

Can I get your art tattooed?

Go for it! Post pictures. #inkpug

Will you donate to my rescue/event?

Due to the number of donation requests and the fact that we're a teeny tiny enterprise, we try to focus our donations where they can have the greatest impact: for example, large fundraisers like we've done for Heart to Heart International, #PugsTakePhilly & #WheelingPugRelayUSA, or donating the proceeds from our original art to Feeding America & Action Against Hunger. We regret that we cannot donate items for raffles or events, though we know they are often very deserving of support!

Do you do wholesale?

Not presently!

How many pets do you have?

None. NONE. We put out a trail of hotdogs every night, and still nothing! Previously, Gareth and I have been owned by: 4 malamutes, 1 akita, 1 golden retriever, 2 rhodies, and, of course...a pug.

I messaged you on social media but you ignored me!

Social media is really overwhelming for me (I'm a natural hermit)! I don't check my messages on Facebook, and, in general, DMs are not the best way to reach me! If you have a question, email is the way:

I have a different question!


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