Best Worst Poet Ever Cover.png

The Best Worst Poet Ever!

Published 2020 by Simon & Schuster!

There once was a Pug and a Cat
Who engaged in a poetic spat…

Cat and Pug are each determined to become the World’s Best Poet, no matter what it takes. Whether they’re writing sonnets to sundaes or typing ballads with their butts, they will stop at nothing to outwit, out-write, and out-verse each other.

But perhaps there is an even greater prize to be had: Can these two rivals discover the wonderful joy of writing…together? 

How I Eat Dis Cover.png

How I Eat Dis?

Published 2018 by Little Cup

This (sadly inedible) collection of illustrated pug poetry covers the most compelling pug issues of the age, including food, fashion, pizza, leisure, ice cream, and the cold (ugh). 

How I Eat Dis? compiles over three years of our weekly pug poems into one almost-as-thick-as-a-hamburger compendium. Fill your tub with snacks and prepare to be positively stultified by the drollery of pug poetry! is a partner of Indiebound! Shopping at Bookshop helps support local bookstores! You can also order this book from Amazon!