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As a working artist, one of the challenges I face on a daily basis is putting aside some of my favorite ideas in order to make stuff I can rely on to pay rent. However, I think a lot of these 'won't-pay-the-bills' ideas are worth bringing to life: fun for you, fun for me.

If everyone who followed me donated one dollar each year, I could do a lot more :

  • Freebies, printables & downloads

  • Books, stories & comics

  • Bizarre non-sequitur, weird experiments & more pug butts

If you love seeing the pugs, printing the pugs, taping the pugs up in your office, scoffing at the pugs because your pug WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING, etc, I would absolutely glow from within if you'd consider donating $1 each year to support the creation of new and ongoing puggery!

I won't tell you to consider the price of a cup of coffee, because coffee is sacred. Please don't give up your coffee. Give up, like, an inch of your pants instead. You don't need that inch.



Pug Butts & Other Elegances