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Printable Garland!

Print, color, cut, and string!

To connect the pieces, we recommend brads, 'opened-up' paperclips hooked through the marked holes, or yarn threaded behind each piece!

Use thicker paper for best results!

Choose Bats or Batpugs!

Click to download or print each 8.5x11" PDF!

©2020 Inkpug; free for personal use! No commercial use: don't sell this art or use this art to sell stuff! 


(floppy ears)

Batpug Garland Floppy Ears page 1 THUMBN


(straight ears)

Batpug Garland Up Ears page 1 THUMBNAIL.


Bat Garland Page 1 THUMBNAIL.png

In-Between Bats

Bat Garland Page 2 THUMBNAIL.png
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