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Printable Garland!

Print, color, cut, and string!

To connect the pieces, we recommend brads, 'opened-up' paperclips hooked through the marked holes, or yarn threaded behind each piece!

Use thicker paper for best results!

Choose Bats or Batpugs!

Click to download or print each 8.5x11" PDF!

Support our mission to make freely available art!

©2020 Inkpug; free for personal use! No commercial use: don't sell this art or use this art to sell stuff! 


(floppy ears)

Batpug Garland Floppy Ears page 1 THUMBN


(straight ears)

Batpug Garland Up Ears page 1 THUMBNAIL.


Bat Garland Page 1 THUMBNAIL.png

In-Between Bats

Bat Garland Page 2 THUMBNAIL.png